realfake’s founder and principal, Judy Rush, is a leading Digital Artist in the advertising and photography communities, and is known nationally and internationally for her digital imaging skills. A pioneer of transparency-retouching techniques in the Midwest during the 1970s, and later spearheading national trends by transferring to digital process in 1988, Judy has distinguished herself for her cutting-edge artistry and innovative solutions. Her work for an elite group of Fortune 500 companies, their ad agencies, smaller boutique businesses, magazines and Design Studios has been recognized by the awards community and has  garnered numerous prestigious citations.


Judy and her team of Digital Artists and technicians specialize in Creative Retouching, Library Retouching, Digital Illustration, Photo Composition, Color Correction, Stock Photo Resourcing and CGI. realfake’s attention to detail is unparalleled, our solutions for our clients are well thought out and often groundbreaking, and the experience of working and collaborating with us is seamless. Our combined skill and experience at realfake allows for extraordinarily creative results, and especially so, when we  are presented with complex photographic challenges by our clients.


Our reputation for thoughtful service and attention to the needs of our clients has earned us enormous client loyalty and business relationships that have lasted for years. Our studio has a fun and energetic environment. It's a great place to collaborate and create your next project.


A&E / Alice & Olivia / Applebee's / Bacardi / Best Buy / Bayer / Channel 4 / Children's Hospital / Chivas Regal / Cobra Puma / Coca-Cola / Comedy Central / Crest / Def Jam / Discovery Channel / Dodge/ Ebay / Eclipse Gum / Emanuel Ungaro / Epson / Ford / Fly 53 / Fresh Step / Frito Lay / GE / Harley Davidson / Harper Collins / Hill's Pet Nutrition / Hotels.com / Honda / Kawasaki / Keds / Kellogg's / Kool / LG / LA Zoo / Lee US / Lee Europe / London Transit / MADD / Maxim / McDonalds / Michelob / Microsoft / MTV / Nascar / Nestea / Nestle / New Mexico Tourism / Nike / Sprint PCS / NY Philharmonic / Oakley / O2 / Reebok / Sprint / Sprite / Tamiflu / Target / TD Ameritrade / Toyota / Virgin Mobile / Vox Vodka / Wad Paris / Wal-Mart / Webby Awards / Western Union / WWE / USA Today