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Library retouching is a systematic approach to cleaning up and organizing a large number of images to achieve consistency, accessibility, and immediate use of files within your company. All files will be approved, named, and organized to be easily found and ready for use in any platform.

Whether it be for web, print, or a simple powerpoint presentation, each image will already be prepared for you - eliminating the time-consuming and uncertain outcome of waiting on approvals, changing formats and file size, or cleaning up an image. The outcome being an indispensable and hassle-free streamlined image bank that will promote efficiency and productivity within your company.

  • All images are approved retouched files ready for use 
  • Consistency in overall look of images (color, contrast, clean up, etc.)
  • Organized folders and file naming 
  • Readily available output sizes for each image (jpeg, psd, tif, high res., etc.)
  • Images are easily accessible
  • Asset Management